Hebei Damei Fur Co., Ltd.
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Hebei Damei Fur Co., Ltd.

E-mail: sales@fur-plate.com

URL: http://www.fur-plate.com


Our Products

Fur Garment

We produces quality fur knitting garments for customers choice. Please indicate our fur knitting item number when you order from us.

We produces fur garment from quality dressed fur skins, mainly fur coats, fur overcoats, fur waistcoats, fur knitted garment and dyed fur garment.

Fur Garment Variety:

Mink Fur Garment
Rabbit Fur Garment
Rex Rabbit Fur Garment
Fur & Leather Patching Garment
Whole Skin Fur Garment

Fur Garment Variety according to processing:

Fur Knitting Garment
Fur Woven Garment
Dyed Fur Garment