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Hebei Damei Fur Co., Ltd.

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Our Products

Various Fur Plate

Hebei Damei Fur Plate Co., Ltd.
produces a the most complete range of fur plates products from quality skins. Rabbit Fur Plate makes the majority of our fur plates products including chinchilla, white and grass rabbit skin fur plate, sheared rabbit fur skin plate, rabbit skin scraps plate, dyed rabbit fur plate and printed rabbit fur plates. We also produce rex rabbit fur plate, weasel fur plate, muskrat fur plate, South China leopard fur plate, cat fur plate, fox fur plate, lamb fur plate, fitch fur plate, squirrel belly fur plate, phami fur plate and fur plates made of other dressed fur skins. In this page, we introduce some fur plates made of different skin, like squirrel, cat, muskrat, lamb, weasel,etc.

Please mention the item number when you write to us about our fur plates products. That will help make it easier and quicker for us to give an effective response.

FP_05 Mixed colour house cat skin plates FP_06 Cat skin plates