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Hebei Damei Fur Co., Ltd.

E-mail: sales@fur-plate.com

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Company Profile

Hebei Damei Fur Co., Ltd. produces and exports fur plates series (rabbit skin plates, rex rabbit skin plates, mink fur plates, fox fur plates, etc); fur garments series ( fur knitting garment, dyed fur garment or fur garment with leather); fur knitting series; fur scarf & shawl series; dressed fur skins and fur accessories.

As a professional fur manufacturer, Hebei Damei Fur Co., Ltd. produces the most complete range of fur plates products from quality skins. Major fur plates we supply include rabbit skin plate, rabbit piece plate, weasel fur plate, fox fur plate, mink skin plate and mink scrap plate, lamb fur plate, fitch fur plate, squirrel belly fur plate, phami fur plate and fur plates made of other dressed furs.

Rabbit Skin Plate makes the majority of our fur plates products including chinchilla, hare and fawn rabbit skin fur plate, sheared rabbit fur skin plate, rabbit skin piece plate, dyed rabbit skin plate and printed rabbit fur skin plates.

Dressed fur skins processed by Damei include dressed rabbit skin (black and white rabbit skin, dressed hare rabbit furs, dressed chinchilla rabbit fur skin, dressed yellow rabbit fur skin), dressed rex skin and other dressed fur skins. The processing of skin can be dressing, dyeing, bleaching, reinforcing, fading; snow top, three tone, degradation, fantasy, multicolour, etc.

Damei Fur Co., Ltd. provides various fur knitting products, mainly fur knitted garments & fur knitted scarves and shawls.

Fur scarves and shawls we supply mainly include mink fur scarf, fox fur scarf and shawl, rex rabbit fur scarf, etc.

Damei Fur Co. also produces and designs different fur accessories, mainly fur bags, fur cats, fur balls, fur trimmings and various fur handicrafts for worldwide customers.

With exquisite craftmanship and innovative designs, Damei Fur Co. has exported its fur products to Russia, Italy, the USA and South Korea.

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